Why Local Search Engine Optimization is Important

Having a presence online is essentially a requirement for any business these days. However, a business that draws its customers from a very specific location based demographic can make the mistake of marketing to a wider audience than is needed. This can waste both time and money in a variety of ways.

For example, a dentist in Denver who advertises their services online but doesn't target locally may end up getting calls from people outside of their area. They may also get a lot of traffic to their site from people who simply aren't in any position to visit them. This can skew their analytics, and if they have a high bounce rate, it can even harm their on-page SEO efforts.

When local SEO is done right, the search engines like Google know to recommend a business to people who are in their area. This helps people to find the services that they're looking for, and helps business to connect with customers and clients that are actually in a position to hire them.


Many businesses think search engine optimization stops after they put in a keyword and meta description for their website but SEO goes much further beyond that.


When we take on your business, we take care of all facets of SEO. This includes business directories, google maps, apple maps, website optimization, keyword research and much more!

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