Digital Marketing Services

At Prosper Local, we offer popular digital marketing services to boost local business leads and sales. We are experienced marketers who have spent years creating and honing our marketing services to deliver guaranteed results for any industry with a local market. We look forward to helping you generate more leads and close more sales by out-ranking your local competition, using the newest technology and nurturing leads to help prevent you from wasting money and start closing on the leads you generate.


Website Development

Whether you need a rebuild on your current website or you need to launch your very first website, our team is here to support you. We typically won't only do website builds though because what good is a website if you aren't marketing it properly? When we build your personalized website, we will build it to convert leads and also handle your SEO and directory listings as well!


Local Search Engine Optimization

It's time to raise your businesses results in the search engines - we focus on dominating on the local search results for your geographic area but we are also experienced at boosting organic search at the national or even global level. Ranking well organically is the holy grail of digital marketing as it helps reduce your need to spend money on leads. 


Directory Listings

For local businesses, maintaining your business information across the web is critical for both users trying to find you and also search engines. When we handle your directory listings,  we will generate you nearly 100 structured listings of the best citation sources. If your business needs to update information, we will push the new info out to all the citation sources, ensuring your critical information stays consistent across the internet. 


lead generation

When it comes to lead generation, we excel at capturing leads from Facebook, Instagram, Google and Bing. We will design the imagery, write the copy and build your campaigns using strategies proven across years of experience.


lead nurturing

Notice how all these different parts of digital marketing tie together? Lead nurturing is one of the biggest elements of marketing that many business fail to do. We will nurture your leads all the way up until you see them at the appointment, removing most of the headache. Now you can focus on closing the sale and not whether the lead will show. Not only are we experts at this, we also don't get paid unless your lead shows up. This means we only grow when you do so we are two business working towards the same goal, business growth.


Social Media managment

Every business needs a social media presence in this day and age. If you don't want to handle it yourself, we will curate content to your industry with a focus on keeping your followers engaged. We will help you build brand awareness and generate buzz with weekly social posting. 

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