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Prosper Local, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, is pleased to provide full service digital marketing services to the local area and beyond. As a performance-based digital marketer, we are committed to boosting your local business presence and revenue. Our goal is to build touchpoints and campaigns that will facilitate measurable interaction while engaging your users. We do this by integrating technology, design, digital strategy, and marketing to deliver incredible engagement and experiences. 

What Can a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency Provide for You? 

Prior to answering what we can provide for you as a full service digital marketer, it’s important to first explore the digital marketing services we offer. 


Digital marketing encompasses a range of activity occurring online. The goal of this activity is to drive sales and promote your brand. Any local company wishing to reach out to their target audience, whether that company is a hairstylist, chiropractor, mortgage company or any other company that needs to book an appointment for their service, must have a digital presence to stand out from the competition and succeed. 

The world as we known it has made the shift to a digital and online presence. It is no longer feasible to rely solely on traditional marketing methods. As time continues to pass, those methods have become decreasingly less efficient and effective. 

Much of the activity conducted online today is actually conducted on smart phones. A company’s target audience today wants to be able to type in just a couple of words and receive an instant response. Google is no longer just the name of a search engine; it’s become a verb. When your potential customers want to know where they can go to schedule a dentist appointment, they Google it. If they are looking to make an appointment for a haircut, they Google it. Everything they want and need is just a single click away. 

The real question is whether your business is just a click away from your customers being able to find you. This all depends on the quality of your online presence. Furthermore, your online presence is comprised of a multitude of factors, including both your website’s quality and ranking as well as the breadth of your social media presence and the budget you allot for paid advertising. 

Admittedly, that is quite a lot to handle and handle effectively. Enter a full-service digital marketing agency, such as us, Prosper Local. 

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